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Kobawala Poly-Pack, India

India Headquarters:

Kobawala Poly Pack, Inc.
CG/9, Sumel Business Park
B/H, New Cloth Market

US Headquarters:

Kobawala Poly Pack, Inc.
1329 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610
Rupak Kobawala: 312.664.3810

Email: info@kpi-fibc.com


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  • We produce coated and uncoated woven fabric.
  • Our fabrics are produced on both circular and sulzer looms.
  • We offer uncoated fabric widths up to 5.3 metres.
  • We offer coated fabric widths up to 2 metres.
  • We can provide GSM ranging from 50 to 300.
  • All fabrics packed in export-worthy packaging with woven PP covering. Also available with paper, PVC or steel core options.
  • Here are Some of the End-User Markets for which We Produce Fabrics:
    • Tubular Fabric to produce bags on automatic print and cut lines
    • Ground Covers
    • Geotextiles
    • Silt Fencing
    • Bale Packaging for Used Clothing & Fiber Industries


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association Member
IOWA Seed Association
American Peanut Council
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KPI is proud to announce the opening of its latest US satellite office in Phoenix, Arizona.