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Kobawala Poly-Pack, India

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Kobawala Poly Pack, Inc.
CG/9, Sumel Business Park
B/H, New Cloth Market

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Kobawala Poly Pack, Inc.
1329 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610
Rupak Kobawala: 312.664.3810

Email: info@kpi-fibc.com


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A woven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene slit film yarns. This product provides separation of the aggregate from the subgrade, and has high tensile strength and modulus, adding reinforcement to the foundation soil.
Without a Geotextile Separator With a Geotextile Separator
Shakti 100 Shakti 100
 Tensile Strength  ASTM D-4632  315 lbs  1402 N
 Elongation @ Break  ASTM D-4632  15-25 %  15-25 %
 Mullen Burst  ASTM D-3786  600 psi  4136 kPa
 Puncture Strength  ASTM D-4833  145 lbs  645 N
 Trapezoidal Tear  ASTM D-4533  115 lbs  512 N
 Apparent Opening Size  ASTM D-4751  40 US Sieve
 0.425 mm
 Permittivity  ASTM D-4491  0.05 Sec  0.05 Sec
 UV Resistance, % Retained  ASTM D-4355  90 %  90 %
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association Member
IOWA Seed Association
American Peanut Council
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