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A woven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene slit film yarns. This product provides separation of the aggregate from the subgrade. This fabric will meet or exceed the following typical values :
Without a Geotextile Separator With a Geotextile Separator
Shakti 100 Shakti 100
 Geotextile Specifications for Dimension : 4.5 Mtr x 100 Mtr
 Weight (GSM)  ASTM D-3776    85
 Tensile Strength  ASTM D-4632  100 lbs  20 x 14 KN/M
 Elongation @ Break  ASTM D-4632  15-25 %  25 x 20 %
 Mullen Burst  ASTM D-3786  225 psi  1650 Kpa
 Puncture Strength  ASTM D-4833  55 lbs  1800 N
 Trapezoidal Tear  ASTM D-4533  40 lbs  10 KN/M
 Water permeablity  ASTM D-4491  0.02 Sec  0.02 Sec
 Ultraviolet exposure 30 DAYS GUARANTEED
 Note : Average deviation shall be +/- 10% of the above values
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association Member
IOWA Seed Association
American Peanut Council
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